Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR MAID Opt Out

To opt out of RADAR (as defined in the RADAR Privacy Supplement), please enter your mobile advertising ID (“MAID”) in the box below.

A MAID is a device specific identifier. Any opt out will only affect the device for which you entered. If you have multiple mobile devices, you need to separately enter each MAID. If you reset your mobile device’s advertising identification number through your device operating system’s privacy settings, you will need to provide the reset MAID to opt out.

To find your MAID, please follow the steps below for your device:

To determine your mobile advertising ID for Apple iOS, also known as IDFA, you must use a third-party application, as iOS will not display IDFA natively. A list of third-party applications for viewing IDFA can be found here.

For Android devices: Please go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> More Privacy Settings -> Ads. Your mobile advertising ID can be found at the bottom of the screen.

This page, including any data you upload to this form, is subject to the Clear Channel Outdoor Privacy Statement, Terms of Use, and RADAR Privacy Supplement.