Impact Desirable Retail Audiences

Optimize your campaign and drive consumer action with relevant and timely messaging near retail, restaurants and other venues.

Outdoor advertising is the original – and still one of the most powerful mediums – to engage consumers on the move. Dynamic digital capabilities and enhanced traffic data and mapping have only enhanced its power and relevance.

Why include outdoor ads in your campaign?


People are spending more time away from home.*

Commuters spend 20 hours and 16 minutes per week driving or riding in any vehicle, and Americans are spending 33% more time in cars than 10 years ago.

Ad proximity

Many purchase decisions are made on impulse. **

More than 30% of mass merchant customers have no shopping list (mental, written or digital) to guide their purchases, and 82% of their shopping decisions are made-in store. For grocery shopping, 76% of decisions happen in-store.

Ad Recall

Outdoor advertising has high recall.***

51% of consumers agree they’re more likely to pay attention to outdoor advertising than any other medium.

Advertisment Recall

Ads can be positioned near point of purchase.****

40% of shoppers recall noticing outdoor ads in the 30 minutes preceding shopping – this is higher than any other media.

Sources: * 2013 & Arbitron “In-Car Study”, 2003; ** POPAI, “ Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study”, 2014; *** Exterion Media “Interactive Europe”, 2012; **** The Outdoor Media Centre, “The Last Window of Influence”, 2011

Win at retail with proximity targeting solutions.

Clear Channel Outdoor has over 500,000 demographically relevant locations mapped against our billboard and display locations, including:

  • National and regional retailers
  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Airports and transit hubs
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Headquarters

We’ll build a custom proximity targeting program based on your specific needs, whether targeted to stores, schools, churches or voting precincts. Any destination with a physical address can be mapped to our inventory and traffic routes to ensure your messages are delivered when it matters most.

A sample proximity network map

A sample map of locations in close proximity to Sony Playstation retailers

Our sales team will help you strategize your media plan effectively.

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